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  • Suzanne Seth

Mirror, mirror on the wall… I don’t recognise that face at all!

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Skin aging is unavoidable.

Sun exposure, smoking, nutrition, stress, and other lifestyle factors cause most skin ageing, which you can manage.

To prevent and treat skin ageing, you must know which elements you can control and which you can't.


Skin cell turnover slows 30%–50% after the age of 30. This slows wound healing and promotes dead skin cell build-up, making your skin look dull and harsh.

Collagen loss of 1% per year from 25 causes wrinkles. Sagging skin and wrinkles result from elasticity loss.

Your skin loses 8–20% of its melanin-producing cells per decade, making it more susceptible to skin cancer and premature aging. The skin receives fewer nutrients, oxygen, and temperature regulation as blood flow decreases. facial volume loss and drooping skin is a result due to losing subcutaneous fat from your face. Smile lines and jowls can result from facial bone mass loss, especially jaw bone loss.

Facial movements thin the tissue underlying your expression lines, causing wrinkles even when you're not making them. Collagen loss from age or sun-damage exacerbates this.

What can you do?

Well let me tell you a little secret.....

Retinoids, exfoliation, and hydration can all speed up the skin's natural renewal process. Stimulating collagen synthesis through topical products (like retinoids, AHAs, vitamin C, etc.) or medical procedures (like lasers, microneedling, etc.).

Dermal fillers are used to restore lost face volume.

Botox is used to reduce facial movement (this has preventative benefits and may also help smooth out wrinkles).

Maintaining a healthy skin barrier and sufficient hydration can be achieved with the help of barrier-repairing moisturisers (ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids).

Increasing blood flow to the skin can be aided by a regular exercise routine.

Maintaining good dental hygiene.


Most signs of facial skin ageing can be attributed to external, or extrinsic, causes such our environment and lifestyle choices.

Wrinkles that form earlier and are deeper, discoloration, broken capillaries, larger pores, and a coarser texture are all characteristics of skin that has aged prematurely.

and what is to blame?

Sun damage


Ambient conditions (e.g. temperature and humidity)



Poor nutrition

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